Roof Leak

Roof Leak Repair

Any homeowner dreads the signs of a leaky roof. It’s never a small ordeal, and who knows how long the leak has been there undetected, before you noticed the visible signs of water damage.

Leaky Roof? It’s Time to Call in the Professionals.

You could try and find the leak yourself, but prepare to spend hours, days, even weeks trying to locate a leak that may not even originate in your roof. Many property owners don’t know this, but very often what looks like a roof leak actually has nothing at all to do with your roof!

That’s why you need a professional team like what you get when you call Restoration USA. Rather than struggling yourself to figure out where your roof leak came from, why not get to the heart of the matter quickly before further damage sets in?

Do You Really Have a Roof Leak or Is It Something Else?

Fixing a leaky roof entails a lot more than most people imagine. Determining the cause means checking the heating/AC system, searching out the causes of condensation under your roof, checking for leaky pipes within your structure, or even just a loose valve hidden from sight.

Restoration USA’s roof leak services team will perform a thorough, professional investigation of your home or commercial property. Only then can they determine whether you actually have a roof leak or if you have a problem with your plumbing system, for example.

Let Restoration USA Hunt Down Your Leak: Call as Soon as You Notice a Problem

Are you a roofing expert? Fixing a leaky roof requires expertise in the areas of roofing, plumbing, and all matters of construction. Up on your roof, we’ll check the seals on your plumbing vents, the flashing installation, and the most common cause of roof leaks under the Florida sun: rotting, damaged or loose shingles.

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