Water Damage Palm Beach

Palm Beach Water Damage & Palm Beach Flood Restoration Service

Have you experienced a flood or other water damage in your Palm Beach home or business? Dealing with the resultant damage can be a nightmare, but we’re here to offer you the help you need. We’re the team at Restoration USA, and we’ll mitigate that damage and return your premises to like-new dryness and banish any dampness odors, mold, or mildew that has been caused by the wetness, as well as mitigating any damage to your property or possessions that resulted.


The damage may have been caused by a flood, water leak, or other water event, but regardless of the cause, our 24-hour response line will take your call whenever you phone us, and we’ll dispatch a response team quick as a wink to set your property to rights. Whether the damage occurred in your Palm Beach home or business, and whether the damage was to your personal property, your business inventory, or to the structure itself, we can handle it. We’ll get your home inhabitable again quickly or your business up and running again in no time flat. Having your business shut down or having to seek temporary lodgings when your residence is uninhabitable can be costly. We want to get your problem resolved in the shortest possible time.

So if your Palm Beach home or business is suffering from water damage, you need the emergency response team from Restoration USA. Call us and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly we arrive to start working on the problem. You’ll also be pleased with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Water damage in your Palm Beach home or business? Call the specialists at Restoration USA. Find us at 866-745-6428.

Palm Beach Water Extraction / Palm Beach Emergency Drying Methods

In the wake of water damage in your Palm Beach home or business, Restoration USA uses IICRC drying methods to effect a complete restoration. But we don’t stop there. We’ll salvage and preserve the items or objects that were damaged by the water, including personal effects, business inventory, machinery, furniture…anything that was not ruined beyond repair.

Our emergency technicians are the experts in water removal, damage mitigation, leak stoppage, and property salvation.

How do we work? What do we do, exactly? Well, that depends on just what’s called for in your specific situation.

  • Moisture Mapping

What is the moisture content of your home or business? Our moisture mapping equipment will get the answer quickly and accurately with electronic detection equipment, after which we’ll set about fixing the problem.

  • Dehumidifiers

While ordinary dehumidifiers do fine jobs for simple climate control, our commercial-grade dehumidification equipment is far superior when it comes to water damage mitigation. Employing Low Grain Refrigerant, these machines are built specifically for water damage control. They work along with air movers to evaporate moisture. The liquid they collect is retained in a reservoir, from where it can be readily removed. The moisture is soon gone from your Palm Beach home or business, and you’re back in shape.

  • H.E.P.A. Air Filters

Our HEPA air filtration system, used to improve the air quality in your Palm Beach home or business, while working to improve the quality of the air will at the same time remove not just the mold and bacteria you may have acquired in the wake of your recent flood or other water event but also dust mites, animal hair, and dust. They start working immediately on installation and will soon have the air quality at safe levels again.

  • Air Movers

Large air movers and dryers are among the weapons we have at our disposal to aggressively fight dampness in your Palm Beach home or business. By rapidly removing water from the air and controlling the humidity level, and by drying carpets four times more rapidly, they soon will have you back to normal. They work both over and beneath your carpets and padding. Our air movers work efficaciously on porous materials on your premises, including carpeting, padding, drywall, plaster, and wood.

  • Air Scrubber

When your Palm Beach home or office has incurred a leak, flood, or sewage issue, you need an air scrubber remedying the air quality. Also known as negative air machines, they play a vital part in our work to bring your place back to normal ASAP. By filtering the indoor air and de-pressuring it, they impede the spread of bacteria and the growth of mold.

  • Wall, Ceiling and Floor Drying

After a flood or other water event, your walls, ceilings, coated surfaces, and floors all hold an enormous amount of moisture. This is not healthy for you or your Palm Beach home or business’s condition of well-being. Restoration USA will combat this hidden moisture in these surfaces and work to dry it out efficiently. We accomplish this with high-pressure drying systems that work on real wood, engineered wood, ceramic tiles, vinyl wall coverings, and firewalls. We’ll get you back into your home or business quickly, cutting down the time you’re made to suffer the inconvenience of displacement.

Water Damage, Mold and Mildew

Drying out the air is just the start of what we do for you at Restoration USA. It’s vital to inhibit growth of mold or mildew not just now but in the time ahead. We do this for you by using industrial-grade detergents and anti-microbial, deodorizing and ventilation techniques. It’s our mission to make certain that your Palm Beach home or business is not subject to airborne pathogens.

What Are the Places That You Might See Evidence of Water Damage:

  • Behind walls
  • In landscaping
  • As water intrusion in roofs
  • In bathrooms
  • As wet areas in rooms
  • In water mains
  • In utility lines
  • As discolored flooring
  • Under concrete slabs and asphalt
  • In basements