Water Damage Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach Water Damage & Boynton Beach Flood Restoration Service

Are you holding your head and moaning as you look at the mess left behind in your Boynton Beach home or business after a flood or water leak, a sewage backup, or some other water mishap? We’ll get the job done for you! We’ll eradicate the damage, set your place to rights, get the dampness out of the air, and eliminate any mold or mildew that may have taken hold. We’ll not only dry out and put back in shape your home or business, but we’ll also take care of the possessions in it.

Water Damage Boynton Beach

Your water damage may be the result of a flood, a water leak, a sewage overflow, or some other type of water mishap, but whatever the cause, we’ll take care of that damage and do it quickly—our emergency response teams are ready to be dispatched at any hour when you call, so don’t hesitate to call 24/7 when you’ve suffered water damage. We’ll be there quickly to not only tend to your structure but also to whatever’s in it, be that personal property, business inventory, furniture, business records, or what-have-you. We’re fully aware of the cost to a business when it has to close temporarily, and we’re equally aware of the cost to a homeowner or renter who has to temporarily rent quarters elsewhere while his or her home in uninhabitable. We’ll resolve your problem quick as a wink and get you back into your premises in the least amount of time that’s possible.

So if your Boynton Beach home or business has suffered water damage, the first thing you need to know is this number: 866-745-6428. That’s where you’ll reach us, Restoration USA, and we’ll have our team right on its way to you with their top-of-the-line equipment. Don’t forget, too, that our work all comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Boynton Beach Water Extraction / Boynton Beach Emergency Drying Methods
When water damage is your issue, Restoration USA is your answer. We’ll address the problem in your Boynton Beach home or business with IICRC drying methods, and we’ll salvage and preserve all personal effects, business inventory, furniture, business records, machinery, and what-have-you that was not irreversibly ruined by the water. Our skilled response team are pros at leak stoppage, water removal, property salvation, and damage mitigation.

We have a large variety of techniques to use, depending on your needs on a case-by-case basis.

  • Moisture Mapping

Determining the moisture content of your home or business is the task of our moisture mapping equipment. We utilize electronic detection equipment and then remedy the problem with speed and great care.

  • Dehumidifiers

Commercial-grade dehumidification equipment is an important part of our efforts at water damage mitigation. Our dehumidifiers, the highest quality in the industry, employ professiional Low Grain Refrigerant. Unlike the traditional climate control dehumidifiers with which you may be more familiar, our machines are built for the particular purpose of drying flood damage. Working alongside air movers, they evaporate moisture, collecting the liquid into a reservoir, and thus dry our your premises, bringing it back to its normal dry and orderly state.

  • H.E.P.A. Air Filters

Our HEPA air filtration system does more than you bargained for! While our purpose in using this is to improve the air quality in your Boynton Beach home or business to counteract any mold or bacteria that the dampness may have “invited in,” that’s not all it does! At the same time, it also filters out such irritants as dust mites, dust itself, and animal hair. Our HEPA air filters go to work the instant they’re installed in your Boynton Beach home or business and will quickly begin working to restore the air quality to safe levels.

  • Air Movers

We’ll speed up the drying process in your Boynton Beach home or business by utilizing large air movers and dryers. These machines suck the water right out of the air and manage the humidity level. They can dry carpets four times as fast, working on the carpet not just from above the surface but from beneath. The circulation these machines give promotes quicker evaporation of moisture from not only carpets and padding but drywall, plaster, wood, and other porous materials.

  • Air Scrubber

In the aftermath of a negative water incident such as a water leak, flood, or sewage backup, your Boynton Beach home or business needs an air scrubber at work remediating the quality of the air you breathe. These devices, also known as negative air machines, are a key player in the process. They filter and depressurize the affected indoor air in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and the promulgation of mold.

  • Wall, Ceiling and Floor Drying

Restoration USA helps get your surfaces dry quicker by targeting hidden moisture within walls, ceilings, floors, and coated surfaces. Our high pressure drying systems work on wood, both real and engineered, and on vinyl wall coverings, ceramic tiles, and firewalls. Our fast-acting systems allow you to return to your premises faster, which minimizes the time you’re inconvenienced.

Water Damage, Mold and Mildew
Removing water and drying out the air is just the beginning of what we do at Restoration USA. It’s vital to inhibit the growth of mold or mildew, which damp conditions can readily promulgate. We make it our mission to insure that your Boynton Beach home or office is not only dry and free of dampness but is similary free of airborne pathogens.

Where Might You See Evidence of Water Damage:

  • Behind walls
  • In landscaping
  • As water intrusion in roofs
  • In bathrooms
  • As wet areas in rooms
  • In water mains
  • In utility lines
  • As discolored flooring
  • Under concrete slabs and asphalt
  • In basements