The testimonials given are from customers speaking only in a personal capacity and are not compensated for the opinions given.


“I wanted to take the time to thank James, Ralphy and his two man crew that repaired my home. James worked with me and made a very stressful situation manageable for me and my family. The two men that were sent to work on my home, I can’t say enough about. They were on time and even skipped lunch on one of the days. I was so impressed that I bought them a pizza for all of their hard work. I recommend this company highly to anyone who has a leak and or water damage. They will tirelessly help you and you family.”

Dara VanAntwerp

“Thank you for the terrific job you did on my mold remediation for the damages at my home. In addition, you identified the lack of insulation & thereby reduce my electrical bill. I can already tell there is a difference! The carpeting looks great and we are very satisfied with your hard work! I plan on on using your services again in the near future as my wife plans on re-doing the carpet in our bedrooms. Thank you again for the terrific workmanship and service. I would gladly recommend Restoration USA to anyone who calls me for a reference!”

Stuart Knott

“Thank you for my beautiful master bathroom and all the work you have done in my home. The crew did their work efficiently and with little disruption to my household. Every member of the crew was skilled and a pleasure to work with. Every request was honored quickly. Thanks again for a job well done. I highly recommend this company. ”

Deborah May

“United Restoration was a life saver when I had a water leak in my kitchen. They came out right away, determined the cause of the leak and helped me get me started with my insurance company. I was unsure of what to do with the insurance company, but they walked me through every step. It was comforting to know I had someone on my side. I was 6 months pregnant when all this started and they moved fast! We needed our entire kitchen, dining and family room gutted, mold removed and rebuilt. When the insurance company dragged their feet, they really went to bat for me to get it all done as quickly as possible. They promised me my house would be put back together before the baby was born and they delivered… before I did! They really bent over backwards to make it happen. From the moment they walked through my door, they made me feel like I was being taken care of at a time when I really need it. I can’t thank them enough!”

Jennifer Andrews

“My name is Michelle and I wanted to share my amazing experience with this company. Not only was everyone extremely professional but they were caring of our needs and saw that they were met. We had an extreme case of mold and mildew and didn’t even know it until James took the time and found out the root of the problem. The most amazing thing about the owner/founder of the company (James)is how much he truly cares about his clients and puts them first as though they were his own family. Finding what is the most affordable option as well as fighting with the horrible insurance companies to get what is rightfully due to the owner of the home. James and his staff is extremely professional! The staff that comes to the house is respectful, courteous and also cares about the needs of the family. James and his staff spent many months at my home due to this huge renovation we did to the inside of our home. Not only did I trust them in my home, I also had to work and left them there without any worries. James and his company made sure that it was taken care of in a timely manner due to us having a baby in the house. James made it safe to stay in the home while the workers were still working in the house. I would HIGHLY recommend this company for so many reasons even beyond the office staff (Lisa), James (Owner/Founder), Rafi (Owner) and all the amazing staff. It was a peaceful piece of mind that everything was going to be done right and was affordable for our home. Further, I recommended this company to multiple people and all have used them and was extremely happy with the professional service they received. After my services were complete and during the renovation James called and came to the house to check on the work being done sometimes at 9:00-10:00pm at night. James puts his clients on the same level as his family and our happiness was his priority. Thank you James and your staff for not only being a simply amazing company but amazing people and making sure my family was safe in our home.”

Michelle Martin

“It was truly our lucky day when we were introduced to you and Restoration USA at an Aventura Marketing Council meeting. We told you about the recent water damage in our home, and after walking -or wading-into water filling our closeto we called a water removal company and then a property adjuster we had heard about on radio. If only we had met you earlier, your company would have been the first one we called! But you and Chris McShane assured us that you could still help us- and that you did in a most outstanding way. We loved the idea that all issues…from mold remediation to flooring and painting (even my precious faux finishing) and tile replacement and more, could be handled by Restoration USA. Everyone hears the stories about people who hire one company for mold remediation, another for flooring, another for painting…and then, if something goes wrong, the inevitable ‘finger-pointing’ begins. And how wonderful that you have attorney Chris on your leadership team to deal with the recalcitrant insurance companies who never want to fully reimburse the homeowners for the damage! Howard and I have been extremely pleased with the professionalism of your workers and the quality of the products you use. You have provided us with a number of options, but more importantly, have shared your expertise so freely. A very special ‘thank you’ for sending us Richard to oversee and work on our home. If he hadn’t pulled up the tile in the bathroom that was flooded, we never would have known there was mold underneath caused by the flooding waters. Who would have expected water to seep under tile? Richard did, and after you and Chris brought this ‘unforeseen damageo to the attention of our insurance companyr w€ now have a brand-new tile floor! It was a pleasure going with you and Chris to the granite warehouse and to have you help select the perfect granite for our new bathroom vanities. And your same patience and thoroughness applied to our choices of laminate flooring, paint and hardware for the vanities. Our home is now nearing completion of the repairs caused by the water damage, and we are absolutely delighted to hire your company-a full- service general contractor-to handle other jobs we have decided to do, like creating a new patio and driveway. It is truly our pleasure to recommend Restoration USA to any homeowner or commercial property in need of any repairs, remediation or renovation!”

Michelle Martin

“We recently had extensive water damage in our condo. We called Restoration USA who arrived promptly and handled the whole process from A – Z. They are professional, honest and reliable. We would highly recommend them to anyone in the same circumstances.”

Carol L.