Storm Recovery West Palm Beach

Fully half the year, from June 1 to November 30, is hurricane season in South Florida. Are you ready for it?

While a few South Floridians are fortunate enough to have gas stoves, most of us have electric ones, which won’t work if the power goes out. Neither will your microwave, toaster oven, fridge, coffeemaker, or electric can opener. So you need a sufficient supply of food that is non-perishable and doesn’t need cooking, a manual can opener, and if you wish, some cans of Sterno and possibly a portable Sterno stove.


You should trim dead branches and palm fronds from trees on your property before storm season starts. If they’re broken off by the wind they can turn into dangerous projectiles.

Another essential item is flashlights or, preferably, battery-powered lanterns or both.

Generators aren’t cheap, but they’re awfully hand when the power goes out. You’ll need to have an adequate supply of fuel for your generator as well, or it’s no good to you.

When a storm is on the way, close your hurricane shutters and secure them. Don’t wait to see “if it’s really coming here.” It’s better to close them and have the storm veer north or south than to wait too long and get caught. It’s no fun closing them when the wind and rain have started. It’s also more difficult. Lacking shutters? Board up your windows with plywood.

Outdoor items that aren’t stationary, such as patio furniture or barbecue grills, need to be brought in to prevent them from blowing against your house and causing damage. Stow them in the shed, the garage, or if necessary, the house.

Should it happen that, despite these precautions, water does get into your house, use towels, paper towels, or even blankets to soak it up. If you still have electricity, wash and dry the towels/blankets promptly. If not, then get them outside as soon as the storm is over, so they don’t make the dampness in the house worse. Dangerous molds grow well in damp conditions.

And if you still have soaked carpets or wet interior walls despite all your efforts, it’s time to turn to the professionals. We’re Restoration USA, and our 24/7 emergency service is always on call when you need us. We’ll dry out your house, get rid of any mold, and restore as well as possible any damaged items of value. We’re always here if you need us. Just call.