Storm Recovery Century Village

Fully half the calendar year in South Florida is hurricane season. Are you as prepared as you should be?

To begin with, do you have the essentials on hand that you’ll need in case of a power outage? Stock up on food that doesn’t require cooking, heating, or refrigeration. Unless you have a gas stove, your stove/oven will be as useless as your microwave oven, toaster oven, coffeemaker, and fridge, as well as your electric can opener. Be sure you have a manual can opener. Less essential but nonetheless desirable are some cans of Sterno and perhaps a portable Sterno stove.


Before hurricane season gets underway, trim dead tree branches and palm fronds. They can break off in the wind and impact into your house or roof.

Be sure you have plenty of flashlights or, even better, battery-powered lanterns.

(Candles present a risk of fire hazard.)

If a generator is within your budget, great, but be sure you have an adequate supply of fuel on hand for it as well.

Don’t try to outguess an oncoming storm, thinking it might make landfall elsewhere, putting off closing and securing your hurricane shutters. Once the winds and rain starts, closing your shutters will be both more difficult and unpleasant. If your house lacks shutters, board up your windows with plywood.

What’s in your yard that isn’t stationary? Any items like lawn furniture, gardening implements, or barbecue grills should be brought indoors, either to your garage, your shed, or if need be into the house itself. This will prevent them from being blown against your house and doing damage.

Should water get into your house in spite of all your precautions, use towels, paper toweling, or even blankets to soak it up. If you still have power, wash and dry these towels or blankets immediately. Otherwise, get them out of the house as soon as the storm dies down so they don’t make the house’s atmosphere more damp. Dampness encourages the growth of mold, and mold jeopardizes your health and your pets’ health.

If it happens, however, that despite your best efforts you find yourself with wet carpets and perhaps even interior walls, and maybe water damage to treasured personal property, let the professionals take over. Call Restoration USA at any hour. We offer 24/7 emergency service and will dispatch a team of trained techs promptly to attack your problem and remediate your situation. We can dry out your home, banish the threat of mold, and even help preserve your treasured possessions. Call us when you need us. We’ll be there for you.