Mold Testing

Restoration USA Mold Testing

After a fire or flood, and even after remediation services have begun, your primary concern will be mold testing. Florida weather provides perfect conditions for explosive growth of mold, but after an emergency involving fire or water, danger of fungal contamination is even more extreme.


Even if your property has suffered no water damage, there might still be cause for concern over mold. Even the best-maintained homes are subject to mold, and very often it’s not even visible to the untrained eye.

The most dangerous type of mold is actually airborne, which is completely invisible to the naked eye. It’s entirely possible for no visible mold to be present in your home, but for the airborne levels of mold to measure extremely high, causing a threat to inhabitants who breathe it.

That’s why, if you’re concerned about mold growth, you’ll need to call in a professional mold testing services company. Restoration USA specializes in the discovery of mold and fungal analysis. Our certified, OSHA/EPA-regulated team is only a phone call away any time of day or night.

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We’ll arrive promptly at your property to perform visual inspection, moisture survey, and collection of samples for lab analysis. Your home or commercial space will be inspected thoroughly, including interior areas like crawlspaces and exterior ares like gutter systems and foundations.

Ensuring Indoor Air Quality for Your Health

The most important step is quickly locating and identifying the mold growth before it leads to serious allergic reactions. The long-term effects of breathing mold-contaminated air will trigger an entire series of unpleasant side effects, including sinus congestion, mood changes, and sore throats.

Indoor air quality is not only crucial to your health, it’s also a major consideration in quality of life. Odors in your home due to mold are deeply disturbing to you and your family, or to property owners who can’t rent or sell their property. The cause of these odors can be difficult to pinpoint, but our team at Restoration USA is trained to find the source of any mold and its accompanying odor.

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