Mold Removal Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach Mold Inspection & Remediation

Fully accredited in mold remediation, Restoration USA stands ready to help you with problems in your Pompano Beach home or business. We’re available for emergencies 24/7 whether your premises is your own home, rental property you own or manage or are representing as a Realtor, or your business. If you have recently experienced water damage to your premises, you urgently need to have the water removed ASAP and have the premises immediately begin to undergo a drying process. Otherwise you risk incurring the growth of harmful mold.


Our response team will first determine the origin of the water, if it is not immediately evident, and then set about removing the mold that has already begun to build up and work to prevent it from recurring. We can work directly with your homeowner’s insurance company, too, in regard to your claim.

Mold Can Affect Your Health

While some causes of mold in your Pompano Beach home or business are obvious, such as a burst pipe or weather event that caused flooding, others are more obscure. You may have undetected window or roof leaks, for example, that allow the spread of mold-promoting dampness. At that time mold remediation becomes necessary.

Mold, of which there are literally thousands of different types, can wreak havoc with your health. If you are suffering from dizziness, rashes, fatigue, watery eyes, allergies, congestion, or shortess of breath, you may very possibly be reacting to mold on your premises. In any event you want to remove that mold and prevent it from recurring before you or someone else in your family or in your business’s employ begins experiencing such symptoms.

Our highly qualified mold remediation specialists will remove the excess moisture from the air and the structure and the contents of your Pompano Beach home or business, remove the mold, and take steps to prevent its recurring. We use Negative Air Machines and anti-microbial chemicals in our fight against mold at your premises. This equipment will neutralize any remaining mold spores before they have a chance to grow.

If your Pompano home or place of business has had any water damage or flooding, or if you have noticed moldy odors or such signs of hidden leaks as water staining on ceilings or walls, you need to call us at Restoration USA immediately. We provide round-the-clock mold removal services, performed by licensed mold inspectors and qualified mold remediators. We will test and inspect your premises to document the damage, diagnose the cause, determine how bad it is, and give you a written plan of action for how we will go about addressing your mold issues.

Immediate action is required with water damage, regardless of the size of the problem, in order to forestall mold growth and negate any mold or mildew that has already gotten a toehold in your Pompano Beach home or business.

Restoration USA cleans and removes the following mold-contaminated surfaces:

• removal in walls
• removal in attics
• removal in a/c units
• removal in cabinets
• removal in vents
• removal in furniture
• removal in clothing
• removal in contents
• removal in flooring
• removal in cars
• removal in boats

Our Guarantee

Fully licensed and insured, Restoration USA is your go-to specialist for all Pompano Beach mold issues. We adhere to all OSHA, EPA, and IICRC Standards, and offer all of our clients:

  • State-of-the-art mold removal, containment, and equipment
  • Drywall/flooring removal
  • Clean affected surface areas
  • HEPA negative air filtration and vacuuming systems
  • Anti-microbial application
  • Professional deodorization systems to eliminate all odors
  • Cleaning & sanitizing of mold structure, mold fixtures & mold contents
  • Mold inspection & testing procedures & tools
  • Pack, inventory, storage of contacts
  • Direct insurance billing
  • Guaranteed mold clearance test results