Leak Detection Lighthouse Point

Restoration USA has been in operation for some years now. During the years that the company has been in business, it has built an exceptional name and reputation, which is synonymous with all matters of leak detection. As among the leading firm in the USA to deploy modern technology in conducting underground leak detection, they have been able to solve countless leakages. The reason why Restoration USA has made a lasting impression in their trade is due to the fact that they use the most advanced and innovative leak detector technology. If you have a property in Lighthouse Point, then Restoration USA should be your first choice for any kind of restoration you might need. You can reach us at 866-745-6428 and we are available 24/7 in case of emergencies.

Moreover, the company perfects their expertise by employing the most qualified personnel. For instance, when an individual suspect some case of a leakage, the Restoration USA would respond to the call by checking the menace using high-tech equipments. This way they would ensure that there are no damages to the property. This is because they do not engage in tedious activities that would lead to excavations, drilling, disruptions, or even dirt production. Moreover, as the process of leak detection progresses, the client is provided with up-to-date report and colored pictures.

The following are some of the hi-tech leak detection solutions offered by Restoration USA:

a) Thermal imaging that is instrumental in identifying hot pipes in walls and under the floors.
b) Acoustic microphones that can detect water escaping from the pipes.
c) Endoscopic cameras that can see through the darkest areas, small spaces, and hidden areas.
d) Protimeter moisture gadgets that can detect the precise area where the dampness is.
e) Pressure testing that is used to identify any leaking systems.
f) Gas tracing that is used in pipes by deploying hydrogen gas that can pass through nearly all substances such as tiles, timber, and concrete.
g) Consumption tests that can adequately measure any unidentified water usage when all taps are turned off.
A lot of plumbers rely on Restoration USA to offer accurate, reliable leak detection services to their commercial, industrial, and residential clients all over America.