Leak Detection Lauderhill

Leak detection may be essential for a property regardless of its age. Poor techniques used in constructions may lead to undetected leaks even in recently constructed structures while corrosion over time causes leaks to occur in the older properties. Restoration USA, that takes care of leak detection and repair services in Lauderhill, Florida is equipped with the necessary technology, tools and expertise that is required for undertaking necessary action and care. Leak detection will not only help you to save a large amount of money on wasted water but also help in preventing damage to your property.

In any plumbing system there are two separate pipelines-one is for carrying pressurized service water and the other for periodic sewer water. The former bring in cold and hot water to the taps in a property and have a continuous supply of water in them. Hence any leak in these lines will be a continuous one. Sewer lines on the other hand carry waste water away and are periodic pipelines. Thus, a leak in them can be detected only when a fixture in the property is under use. If you have a property in Lauderhill, then Restoration USA should be your first choice for any kind of restoration you might need. You can reach us at 866-745-6428 and we are available 24/7 in case of emergencies.

So how are leaks detected by a property owner? One obvious answer is a visible leak that may be detected by the person. In such cases you may find water forming into a pool somewhere by running down along the wall or coming out from the floor. Another possibility is an abnormal water usage bill that can only mean a leak in the pressurized water line. Such huge water bills can never be a reason for leak in sewer pipes because they do not carry water unless a fixture is in use unlike the pressurized service lines which deliver even when none of the fixtures are running. This is when you should turn off all faucets and fixtures and summon Restoration USA to make best use of our leak detection and repair services.

Our well-trained and highly professional technicians make use of some unique leak detection techniques to provide you the best guaranteed customer service ever. Here are some of those methods:

• Acoustics: When there is a leak in a pressurized pipe, water flow in the surrounding soil occurs very quickly. This results in a vibration of the pipe at the spot of the leak and it flows along the entire length of the pipe. By means of sophisticated and special leak detection equipment, our technicians are able to localize the source of this leak.

• Smoke Test: A smoke test is one way of detecting a leak in a sewer pipe. A large quantity of harmless, special-effect smoke is forced into the sewer system and the leak can be detected by observing the point from where the smoke makes an exit from the pipe system.

Restoration USA serves all of Lauderhill and Palm Beach County to cater to your needs of leak detection and repair services. Contact us on our service numbers and you are assured of having one of our highly trained technicians at your doorstep in no time to get those leaks detected and repaired because customer satisfaction is our primary target.