Leak Detection Delray Beach

Have you got a concealed water leak in your Delray Beach home or business? Concealed leaks can lurk in many places, but Restoration USA is the expert at water leak detection. The issue could stem from problems with plumbing fixtures, drain lines, roofs, exterior stucco damage, windows, doors, water pipe lines, or other sources. You’re surely aware that water leaks that go unnoticed can really run you into some significant money. It’s not just the impact they have on your water bill, but it’s a question of the damage these leaks do, which can leave you with repair bills for thousands of dollars. The problems resulting from concealed water leaks include damage to the structure of your premises and its contents, as well as mold issues that can arise in the wake of water leaks.

Leak Detection Delray Beach

That’s the reason you need to call us at Restoration USA if you have a water leak in your Delray Beach home or business. Call at any hour. We are proud of our 24-hour emergency leak detection services, which involve state-of-the-art equipment and techs who are trained in the best use of that equipment. When you call us, we’ll save you both time and money.

If you’ve got a water leak on the premises of your Delray Beach home or business, your immediate thought should be to call Restoration USA, at any time of the day or night. Our famed 24-hour leak detection service features the absolute latest and best in equipment and teams of technicians who are well versed in the art of finding those hidden leaks. We will not only save you money but save you time as well, based on our 25 years of experience. Our IICRC certified mold remediation and water damage specialists can help restore your property to its previous clean and dry condition while shortening the time involved and the inconvenience to your home or business. Don’t forget our round-the-clock service is available at any hour, so call us right away if you even think you might have a leak in your Delray Beach home or business.

How do you know if you have a hidden leak?

  • Review your water bill
  • Look for wet areas around the home or business
  • Audio Moisture Sensor/ Alarm

State-of-the-Art Equipment
At Restoration USA we have the most highly capacitated and well trained technical teams, working with the highest quality of equipment. This allows us to offer you unrivalled leak detection service for your Delray Beach home or business. Our methodology includes non-intrusive thermal imaging detection equipment, which can locate leaks inside walls and ceilings without our having to break them all apart in our search. Infrared cameras accurately spot the source of the leak, identify sub-surface moisture, and register humidity levels accurately.

Delray Beach Leak Detection Services:

Here are some of the sites in which we search for and find leaks:

  • Behind walls
  • Failed shower pan
  • Failed window/door seal
  • Burst water pipes
  • Water intrusion through roof
  • Irrigation systems
  • Exterior stucco cracks

For the convenience of your checkbook, we offer direct insurance billing as well as the 24-hour emergency service for which we are so well known.