Fire Damage Palm Beach

Palm Beach Fire & Smoke Damage

Did a fire do damage to your Palm Beach home or business? Did smoke foul the air and infiltrate your possessions? Then you need to know about Restoration USA. Whether you’re facing fire damage or smoke damage, we can do the job and bring your premises and possessions back to a sweet-smelling, sterling condition. We’re the experts in restoration—our name tells the story, and our excellent work speaks for itself. We’ll get right to work on your Palm Beach home or business and take careful, loving care of your premises and possessions. And don’t forget that we’re available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to call us at any hour. Our emergency response teams can be there in a jiffy when there’s a need for speed.


We Pack, Inventory, and Offer Storage

Your possessions’ value may be intrinsic or sentimental, but whether they’re rare and priceless first editions or dog-eared scrapbooks of strictly sentimental worth, or any type of item of any value, if they’re important to you they’re important to us.

We’ll inventory your smoke-damaged (or fire-damaged) valuables, or those that were not damaged by the fire but that you want to get off the premises before the smoke infiltrates them. Then we’ll pack them up and take them back to our facility for safe and secure storage till your premises are smoke-free and you’re ready to receive your possessions again at your Palm Beach location.

Smoke Odor and Soot Removal

Our technicians are all IICRC pros and are experts at smoke odor and soot removal. No matter how smoky your Palm Beach home or business is in the aftermath of the fire you experienced, we’ll put things to rights. We’re experts at combating the results of fire that has affected solvents, glues, and electrical wiring on your premises, which can create huge problems if not handled properly. We’ll banish the nasty smoke odors, sanitize all chemicals, neutralize hazardous conditions, and also get any soot out of your premises.

Flooring Restoration or Replacement
Did the fire in your Palm Beach home or business do a nasty number on the flooring? Whether you had natural hardwood, engineered wood, tile, vinyl flooring, or plush carpeting, it may have been ruined by the fire, been infiltrated by smoke, or been soaked in the firefighting process. There is a possibility that we can restore your hardwood floor. But even if your flooring is beyond restoration, or if you decide that it’s simply wiser or less expensive to buy new flooring, we can still help you. Our showroom features a huge selection of all types of flooring, and you can come in and choose what suits you best in type and color. (Maybe it’s time for a new look anyhow!)

Content Cleaning and Ozone Treatment
Restoration USA will not only carefully clean your valuables after we have them in our possession but can also treat them in our ozone chamber. We have chemical sponges and state-of-the-art ultrasonic machines, too. Whatever it takes, we’ve got the appropriate tools to do the job. By the time we’re finished giving them our “white-gloves” treatment, they’ll smell as clean and fresh as a spring day.