Fire Damage Coral Springs

Coral Springs Fire & Smoke Damage

Did a fire do damage to your Coral Springs home or place of business? Do you now have fire and/or smoke damage issues? Restoration USA offers 24/7 emergency service for all your needs that may result. We’ll put your place back to rights in no time. Although fire and smoke damage restoration is tough to deal with, we’re the experts. We’ll quickly deal with your Coral Springs home or business’s fire and smoke damage and do it carefully and with respect. And we’re available 24/7 in the Coral Springs area to help you with that fire damage or smoke damage.


We Pack, Inventory, and Offer Storage

If your valuables have smoke or fire damage, Restoration USA will treat them with great care. We’ll inventory them, pack them, and remove them from your premises and restore anything not damaged beyond repairability. We’ll do our best with your items of sentimental value even if they can’t be made “like new.” We’ll keep them at our facility till you’re ready for them to be brought back to your Coral Springs location. We’re very aware of the importance of good fire restoration service

Smoke Odor and Soot Removal

Our IICRC technicians are pros at smoke odor and soot removal. They’ll have your Coral Springs premises smelling fresh again ASAP. Our tech teams are trained in handling such construction materials as solvents, glues, and electrical wiring, which can present a problem if not properly treated. We’ll get those offensive smoke odors out of your Coral Springs home or business, sanitize all chemicals, and remove hazardous chemicals quick as a wink and rid your premises of soot, too.

Flooring Restoration or Replacement
Did a fire damage the floors of your Coral Springs home or business, whether carpet, tile, vinyl, or wood? We at Restoration USA are sometimes able to restore hardwood floors, although more often, you’ll find it’s more cost-effective to replace badly fire-damaged flooring. In such a case, check out our showroom. We have a wide selection of all types of flooring on display for your convenient shopping.

Content Cleaning and Ozone Treatment
After removing your damaged valuables, Restoration USA will carefully clean them till they’re rid of any hint of fire or smoke damage. Among our methods are a chemical sponge and state-of-the-art ultrasonic machines.

Restoration USA takes pride in treating your valuables with extreme care. We then place them in our high-tech ozone chamber to defeat and disperse any residual smoke odor. The result? Fresh-smelling items with not a hint or whiff of smoke!