Fire Damage Century Village

Century Village Fire & Smoke Damage

Although we hope you never have a fire in your Century Village home or business, if you’ve had this misfortune, you’re now undoubtedly faced with fire and smoke damage. Did you know that you can call on us for help round the clock? We’re Restoration USA, with 24-hour, seven day a week emergency service. If you’ve had a fire, you need our help, and we’re here to do the job. Is your problem fire damage, smoke damage, or both? In any case, we’ll have your premises restored to its former shape quickly. Although fire and smoke damage are a tough challenge, we’ll put your place back in good shape in no time, dealing quickly with the unfortunate aftermath of your fire or smoke. We’re careful, respectful of your property, and courteous. You’ll like our work, our attitude, and our technicians’ attentiveness. And you’ll love the fact that you can call us 24/7 if you need our help in the Century Village area.


We Pack, Inventory, and Offer Storage

Fighting the aftermath of a fire is a challenge, but it’s one that we’re up to. We’re well equipped to preserve your valuables, whether they’re of genuinely financial value or simply of sentimental value to you. From Persian rugs to portraits of your ancestors, Restoration USA will inventory them, pack them away, and take them to our facility for storage till your premises are once again ready to receive them. We’ll do our best to restore any and all items that haven’t been damaged beyond repairability, including those precious items of sentimental value that can’t be replaced or restored to like-new condition. Restoration USA knows the importance of good fire restoration service.

Smoke Odor and Soot Removal

In the aftermath of a fire, smoke odor lingers, as can soot. Removing them is essential to getting your Century Village premises back to their former condition, and we have the trained personnel as well as the equipment to do the job and do it right. Our IICRC technicians are trained specifically in dealing with solvents, glues, electrical wiring, and other construction materials that require special handling. We’ll neutralize those offensive smoke odors, sanitize all chemicals, and remove any hazardous ones immediately. In the course of our work we’ll also remove all soot from your premises.

Flooring Restoration or Replacement
Fire can really do a number on your flooring! Whether your floors are hardwood or engineered wood, vinyl, tile, or carpet, fire can damage them anywhere from lightly to beyond repair. Restoration USA may be able to restore your hardwood floor, although the probability is that you’ll find it more cost-effective to replace it.

If replacement is in your sights, we have all types of flooring right in our showroom to help your needs. On display are many types of flooring in many colors and patterns. Come in and browse.

Content Cleaning and Ozone Treatment
After we arrive at your premises to inventory your valuables, pack them up, and take them back to our facility for storage, our job with them is far from done. We’ll clean them with great care to rid them of the slightest suggestion of fire or smoke damage. Among the equipment we use are a chemical sponge and state-of-the-art ultrasonic machines.

We treat your valuables with the utmost care and take great pride in our workmanship.

We’ll position them in a high-tech ozone chamber whose purpose is to banish any residual smoke odor and leave them fresh and clean-smelling.

You won’t notice a whiff of smoke!