Fire Damage Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach Fire & Smoke Damage

Did a fire break out in your Boynton Beach home or business, and are you now having to cope with fire and smoke damage? Restoration USA is the premier remediation service, with 24/7 emergency service to help you with all the contingencies that can arise in the wake of a fire. We’ll deal efficiently and effectively with your fire and smoke damage—it’s a challenge, but it’s one we’re up to. Call us at any hour round the clock to help you in the wake of a fire in your Boynton Beach home or business.


We Pack, Inventory, and Offer Storage

One aftermath of a fire is damage to your valuables, whether they’re intrinsically valuable or simply have sentimental value. Restoration USA will pack, inventory, and temporarily remove your valuables, bringing them back to our facility to treat them there for fire and/or smoke damage. Thn we’ll guard them carefully in our possession till your premises is ready for your possessions to be returned. Anything not ruined beyond repair will get our most careful handling and treatment, and we’ll do our utmost to bring back your items of sentimental value even if it’s not possible to bring them back to “like new” condition.

Smoke Odor and Soot Removal
Our techs are IICRC trained and certified and are pros at smoke odor and soot removal. We’ll have your Boynton Beach premises free of smoke and soot faster than you would think. As well, we’ll remediate or remove, as needed, such construction materials as solvents, glues, and electrical wiring, all of which can cause serious issues if they’re not properly treated in the wake of a fire. We’ll rid your Boynton Beach home or business of those unpleasant smoke odors, we’ll sanitize all chemicals, and we’ll remove all hazardous chemicals from the premises entirely. While we’re working at your location, we’ll also rid it of soot. 

Flooring Restoration or Replacement
If you’ve had a fire at your Boynton Beach home or business, your floors were most likely involved. Your carpet, wood, tile, or vinyl flooring may have been damaged by the fire. The damage can be anywhere from light to major. Restoration USA can sometimes restore hardwood flooring, but you will often find it’s more sensible from a cost-proactive basis to replace badly charred wood flooring.

If you do decide to replace your flooring—whether it’s wood or some other material, and whether you choose to replace it with the same type of flooring or something different—come in to our showroom to see the vast choice of flooring types we have. We have a wide selection of colors and styles in varying types of flooring to please your tastes.

Content Cleaning and Ozone Treatment
We’ll inventory, pack, and remove your valuables to our safe, secure facility for storage until your premises are ready to receive them again, and while we have them in our possession, we’ll clean them till they no longer have even a whiff of fire or smoke. How do we do this? Among the methods we use are a chemical sponge and state-of-the-art ultrasonic machines.

The next process for your valuables is a stopover in our high-tech ozone chamber. This takes care of any last remaining smoky odor. They’ll emerge from the chamber smelling clean and fresh and pure.