Disaster, Storm & Flood Damage

Storm Damage Repairs

Hurricane season in South Florida is a time that many local residents worry: “What if a storm hits? What if my house is flooded?”

Hurricanes aren’t the only acts of nature that can cause a disaster within the South Florida area. Other natural disasters including severe flooding can occur in a torrential rainstorm, and can happen year round. Flooding can also be caused by overflow canals, or an undetected leak. If your home (or store, or office, or other place of business) incurs water damage, you’ll be facing the potential ruination of personal property, not to mention furniture and the property structure itself.

Not all the damage is immediate or obvious, either. As dampness sets into your house, you run the risk of toxic black mold taking hold on your premises. It may be in places where you can see it, growing on the walls, floor or ceiling. It can grow in your attic, inside your walls, and other hidden places, without you ever knowing it’s there. Dealing with the chaos, the destruction, and the potential for toxic black mold to grow is a very daunting proposition. You hold your head and wonder, “What do I do first?”

The answer to that question is easy: Call Restoration USA, and keep in mind that you can call at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our hotline is active 24/7 for your emergency needs, so don’t put off calling.


One of our rapid response teams will be at your premises quickly to remediate your property, dry-out your home or business, and seek out and eradicate any toxic black mold before it causes health issues for you or your family or further destruction of your structure. (Wherever toxic black mold grows, it feeds off the host it is living on and, in the process, ruins that surface. If it is not stopped in its tracks, it can be necessary to tear out walls, floors, or ceilings, or structural supports, and replace them—a costly proposition indeed!)

We have an assortment of equipment at our disposal for accomplishing our mission, which is three-tiered: to dry out your premises, finding any hidden dampness (for example, behind walls); to salvage any keepsakes, important papers, and other personal property of value to you; and to eradicate any black mold spores before they start to grow and get out of hand.

Our equipment not only dries your home or business but dries the air inside it as well, bringing down the humidity levels in your house, which makes it safer for you and less hospitable to mold at the same time.

As for your valued possessions, we’ll take them back to our facility and subject them to our special brand of TLC. We’ll restore them to the best possible condition, whether we’re talking about a rare Rembrandt, a symbolic personal item or important documents. And if your carpets or other flooring have been ruined by the incoming water, you’ll be glad to know that Restoration USA has a full line of flooring on display in our showroom. We have carpeting, tiles, vinyl, and wood—your choice.

If you have been affected by a storm, hurricane or flood, don’t be a helpless victim. Call Restoration USA—the helpful experts with the rapid response team, available 24/7 at 866-745-6428!