When most people think about leaks, they think about dramatic pipe bursts or leaking appliances. But at Restoration USA, we work with all kinds of water damage and leaks in Pompano Beach. We know that water damage can stem from a wide variety of sources, and not all are quite as obvious at the

  Fort Lauderdale is a popular city known for many things. Humidity, sun, and sand are abundant all around the city. But, Florida’s humidity can be a danger when it comes to mold and water damage. At Restoration USA, we offer the best leak detection and mold removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you see

For the average run of the mill woodworking operation, you have an option of two types of moisture meters available. On one hand, you have penetrating moisture meters and on the other, you have non-penetrating moisture meters. Penetrating meters measure the electrical resistance or conductance of the wood substance. Penetrating meters incorporate two pin electrodes

Restoration USA has been in the field for over 25 years. Sometimes inquiries consist of a lot of questions that may need a few links to answer. Though we get a steady flow knocks, we like to finish the conversation on a positive note without the need for head scratching.   Some common claims have

      Many home restoration companies serve Fort Lauderdale, Florida. These provide excellent restoration services whether it is for fire, water or even storm damage. However, many homeowners faced with the prospect of seeking the services of a home restoration company for the first time may find it challenging to find the best one

Your house looks aesthetically beautiful. It is made considering key architectural values so that your house can reflect the best aspect of your preferences. But it cannot go for a longer, if there is a water leakage problem in your house. These days, numerous residents are badly affected by the problematic water leakage, having their

Roof Leak

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Any homeowner dreads the signs of a leaky roof.  It’s never a small ordeal, and who knows how long the leak has been there undetected, before you noticed the visible signs of water damage. You could try and find the leak yourself, but prepare to spend hours, days, even weeks trying to locate a leak

Fix a plumbing leak quick & easy.

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Imagine arriving home from a holiday and discovering that a plumbing leak has flooded your home, destroying your premises along with your items. Not only this, however, you face considerable structural damage on account of water infiltration. Homeowners realize you’ll find nothing quite as damaging to residence like a plumbing leak that goes unnoticed till